General Information

PÓLAR HESTAR, our family business in Northern Iceland, has been existing for 38 years. Our company was established by Stefán Kristjánsson in 1985. He dreamt of sharing the experience of riding through the breath-taking and unique nature of his home country with people from all over the world. His dream became true and until today riding tours into the enchanting surroundings of our farm delight our guests.

Our farm Grýtubakki is the heart of our company. We own about 160 well trained, sure footed, robust and cuddly horses. Furthermore, the farm is home to about 270 sheep, our dog Lóa, the three cats Nellý Felizitas, Lukrezia Maria and Kasper Valentínus, the rabbit Tító and a few cackling chickens.

This page provides information about our farm and its inhabitants, about our surroundings and where to find us. Additionally, you can find important annotations concerning our riding tours and learn how to become a part of our team.

The farm and its animal inhabitants

Where our guests stay during their riding holidays

Accommodation with breathtaking ocean view

What to do around our farm

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Biosecurity measures to prevent infectious diseases

Our contribution to environmental protection

How to become a part of our team

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