Long Tours

Our multi-day riding tours lead deep into the untouched nature of Northern Iceland. Whether we ride by the light of the midnight sun, across a blue ocean of flowering lupines or through intensive autumn colours – the coastline of the fjord, the mountains and its lush green valleys as well as the extensive marshy and heathlands provide a fantastic backdrop for unforgettable riding experiences on our Icelandic horses. Only the rough landscape of their home country shows off the unique qualities of this extraordinary horse breed to their advantage. In the unspoilt nature of Iceland, you can experience the horses´ surefootedness crossing crystal clear rivers and rocky mountains. You can witness the droving of a large herd of free-running horses through the diverse nature of Northern Iceland. In addition to the rides, some of our long riding tours include excursions to the sights of Northern Iceland, such as lake Mývatn, the waterfall Goðafoss, the turf houses of Laufás or a whale watching tour on the fjord Eyjafjörður.

In 2024, we offer four different multi-day riding tours which are suitable for varying riding levels – Ring around the Midnightsun, Autumn Colours and Northern Lights, Summer Farewell as well as Fascinating North Iceland. The latter follows different itineraries, depending on the date chosen.

Please note: To protect the Icelandic horse from infectious diseases, visitors are asked to adopt strict biosecurity measures. Please check out our page: Protect the Icelandic Horse.

Mystic moments when the sun never sets

From the lake of the midges to the arctic foxes plain

Riding and sightseeing when summer says good-bye

Riding through the golden autumn