Fascinating North Iceland


In 2023, we offer five different itineraries under the name of the tour Fascinating North Iceland. With these tours we cover the area from Grýtubakki farmhouse to Goðafoss, Bárðardalur, lake Mývatn area and up to the very north, Melrakkaslétta, the arctic foxes plain and the peninsula of Langanes.


TOUR DESCRIPTION – CLASSIC (June 27th, July 7th)
Day 1

In the late afternoon transfer from Akureyri to our farmhaus Grýtubakki. After dinner we provide details for the following days. Overnight stay at Grýtubakki.


Day 2

After breakfast we visit Goðafoss, the famous waterfall of the gods. According to the sagas, Þorgeir of Ljósavatn threw his statues of the gods into the falls when Iceland converted to Christianity in the year 1000, hence the name. We drive to Fremstafell farmhouse, where we catch the horses and saddle up. We ride into the valley Bárðardalur, following the river Skjálfandafljót. This river flows through the valley over the lava field Bárðardalshraun that probably came all the way from Trölladyngja in Ódaðahraun north of Vatnajökull more than 7,000 years ago. Today we will be five to six hours in saddle. Overnight stay at hotel Kiðagil.


The first riding day of the Classic Tour of June 27th will be slightly different as we ride from Grýtubakki to the farmhouse of Birkihlíð through the valley of Flateyrardalur. The night we spent at Grýtubakki. The next day we start from Fremstafell towards Kiðagil.


The first riding day of the Tour July 7th is also different, as we drive from Grýtubakki by bus to Fremstafell, where we explore the surroundings and the beautiful waterfalls of Barnafoss and Ullarfoss without the herd. Overnight at Grýtubakki.


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Day 3

We leave Kiðagil, ride over the bridge at Stóruvellir to the other side of the valley and reach the old farmhouse of Stóratunga. Here we are very close to the entrance of Ódaðahraun, the enourmous lava field believed to have been the home of outlaws, elves and trolls in the old days. After the four to five hours lasting ride we leave the horses at Stórutunga and walk to the waterfall Aldeyrarfoss. Here we enjoy this wonderful nature paradise. Overnight stay at Stóratunga.


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Day 4

Today we enjoy rides in the breathtaking surroundings of Stóratunga. In the morning we ride in a north-easterly direction alongside river Skjálfandafljót over to the old lava of Tunguhraun. We continue to Tunguhamri and south alongside river Svartá back to the farmhouse Stóratunga. Here we have our lunch. In the afternoon we ride over lava and sand towards the highland and south of the river Suðurá to the area of Réttartorfur and up to the waterfalls of Hrafnabjörg. In the morning we ride about 12 km, in the afternoon about 16 km. All in all, we are about five and a half hours in the saddle that day. Overnight stay at Stórutunga.


Storatunga   Storatunga


Day 5

We say goodbye to Stóratunga and ride over Landsmelar at Viðiker into the area of Mývatn. We ride over sandy hills and moorland. Reaching the highest point, a tremendous view awaits us. If we are lucky, we might see Herdubreið, the queen of the Icelandic mountains, in a distance. After about four hours of riding, we leave the horses at the farmhouse Stöng and drive back to Grýtubakki. Today we also pay a visit to the swimmingpool. Dinner and overnight at Grýtubakki.


Tag5   Tag5


Day 6

From Stöng we are heading south first and pass the old farmhouse Hörgsdalur. Then we ride along Myvatnsheiði to Reykjadalur, the valley of the smoke. Smooth tracks, adventurous tracks and a diversified landscape await us. If the weather is good enough, the mountains Kinnarfjöll and Gæsafjöll are visible to the west and to the east, respectively. We ride for about six hours today and stay overnight again at Grýtubakki.


Tag6   Tag6


Day 7

We ride along the wooded way Vatnshlið and have a wonderful view over the valley Reykjadalur and the lake Vestmannsvatn. After the hill Fljótsheiði a terrific and diversified ride along the river Skjálfandafljót and through the forest Fellskógur awaits us. On the way, the waterfalls Ullarfoss and Barnafoss are greeting us. After about six hours in the saddle we leave the horses at the farm Fremstafell and drive home to Grýtubakki. Dinner and overnight stay at Grýtubakki.


The last day of the Classic Tour of July 7th will also be slightly different as we do not end at Fremstafell, but at the farm of Akrar in the valley of Reykjadalur.


Tag7   Tag7


Day 8

After breakfast we bring our guests back to Akureyri and say goodbye.

Tour June 27th: We ride 6 days with a herd of free running horses.

Tour July 7th: We ride 4 days with a herd of free running horses.

 Jubiläumstour   Jubiläumstour

On July 18th  we ride from Akrar all the way to the north to the peninsula Melrakkaslétta and further on to Hagaland, which is close to Þórshöfn  On August 9th we ride the same way back to Fremstafell, taking a turn over Sandur.

The weather and the conditions of the riding paths will decide about the exact way we will take. So there is a little bit of surprise every day!

July 18th: We ride 5 days with a herd of free running horses.

August 9th: We ride 5 days with a herd of free running horses.


Melrakkasletta   Melrakkasletta



We start from Hagaland, close to Þórshöfn and explore the beautiful peninsula of Langanes. Accommodation: Svalbarð

We ride 5 days with a herd of free running horses.

Mitteltour   Mitteltour


Price per person in EURO

Classic A: 2.250

Classic B: 2.020

Melrakkaslétta: 2.250

Langanes: 2.250

Duration of

riding tour

8 days - 7 nights

6 riding days

Departures 2023

June 27 - July 4: Classic A


July 7 - July 14: Classic B


July 18- July 25: Melrakkaslétta


July 29 - August 5: Langanes (fully booked)


Aug 9 - Aug 16: Melrakkaslétta


Daily rides

25-35 km

Riding level

Experienced riders

Min. age

12 years

Number of participants



Classic A and B:

sleeping bag


Melrakkaslétta/ Langanes:

sleeping bag /

made-up beds