Climate- and environment protection are a big global topic these days. We try to do our part for the protection by managing our company as ecofriendly and sustainably as possible. We would like to give you an impression for the steps taken to accomplish this.


Sensibilization of the tour guides for the Icelandic nature

  • Our guides are well informed about the Icelandic Flora and Fauna as well as the landscapes surrounding the farm, which raises their awareness for a respectful dealing with the latter.
  • Our guides impart their knowledge about the Icelandic nature to our guests to give them a chance to improve their appreciation for our environment.
  • In the context of riding tours our guides learn how to minimize their influence on our environment. We take breaks at different places or try to avoid muddy pathways to spare ground and Flora from damage, for example.


Awareness in context of groceries and their consumption

  • We try to support Icelandic or regional groceries as far as possible instead of buying imported goods.
  • We work against the waste of food by cooking only as much as needed. Our chicken, rabbits, cat and dogs are delighted by any other leftovers.


Recycling and keeping the nature clean of waste and pollutants

  • Recycling and waste separation play an essential role on our farm. We separate paper, plastic, tetra pack, aluminium, glass, pet-bottles and tins, organic- and residual waste.
  • Regularly, we walk over the farm territory collecting garbage.
  • We avoid the use of herbicides by plucking weed and other undesirable plants by hand.


Reduction of plastic use and wastage

  • Shopping groceries, we use reusable shopping bags and fruit nets instead of plastic bags.
  • In the kitchen, we avoid covering food with clingfilm or the storage of food in plastic bags in general. We use plates or reusable plastic boxes instead.


Economizing use of cleaning agents and resources

  • We use electricity and hot water as sparingly as possible. Dispensable lights and electronic devices are switched off. We dry our laundry outside on a cloth line or inside on a cloth horse and avoid using the tumble dryer. We spare hot water whenever possible.
  • Self-painted signs remind our staff and guests to use soap, cleaning agents, toilet paper, etc. sparingly.
  • We offer small towels which can be washed and be reused instead of paper towels.
  • We try to repair broken implements as often as possible or put them to use somewhere else. A towel becomes a cleaning rag for example.


Limitations of unnecessary car rides

  • We try to plan and reduce car rides to Akureyri, which is about 35 km away from the farm. Guests are picked up in group transfers and different activities are combined (Grocery shopping, transfer, etc.).
  • For minor shopping we often drive to the village Grenevik which is located close by and thus reduce the driving distance considerably.


This list does not intend to be exhaustive. It merely wants to provide an insight into the steps taken to accomplish a more ecofriendly management of our company. We are constantly interested in improving the sustainability and environmental compatibility of our farm.