The main building is the heart of our farm Grýtubakki. There, our guests are welcome to have breakfast, some refreshments in the afternoon and dinner. Overnight, our guests are staying in one of three cozy cottages, located slightly away from the main building. Each cottage contains a shared-bathroom including a shower as well as two to four homely rooms offering space for up to 26 guests. In addition to multiple four-bedrooms there are five twin bedrooms available.


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Whether our guests spend their whole riding-holiday living in the guest-houses on our farm depends on the sort of riding tour they booked. If the riding tour is not confined to the surroundings of the farm, the guests will spend the night at other farms, guest-houses, mountain huts, community halls or schools. Often, schools in Iceland are repurposed for sleeping accommoda-tions during the summer months. While the different guest-houses offer more comfort, mountain huts are often located within breath-taking lonely landscapes which allow our guests to experience the Icelandic wilderness in its original purity.

From mid-June to the end of September our guest-houses are for our riding tour guests, only. It is possible to book a Bed & Breakfast stay without joining one of our riding tours off-season. If you are interested, please contact us via e-mail (