Short Tours


Which tour is right for me?

On our short tours, you can choose from 1 to 3 hours or even take a day-tour. The best tour for you depends primarily on your time availability and your physical condition. The 1-hour ride is suitable for beginners who would like to extend their Icelandic experiences with a little close-up interaction with the friendly Icelandic horse. But to have a full-on experience of both horse and nature, we recommend even beginners to brave a 2-hour ride :)

The 3-hour ride and the day-tour (4 hours in the saddle, all in all, 5-6 hours) we would recommend for guests who are already experienced riders.


Personal Service and Booking

We do not use automatic booking forms as we want to get into a personal contact with our guests. We want to talk to you, want to know who you are and what your wishes are! The ride on the amazing Icelandic horse should be a wonderful experience.

The payment is done after the ride. We take cards.

If you are not able to come for your ride, you are delayed or want to change something - please let us know by phone ( if it is the same day) or by email ( until a day before).

We are looking forward to your visit!

Duration              Price                    Information
1 hour                 6.000 ISK               Details
2 hours               10.000 ISK             Details
3 hours               14.000 ISK             Details
Day Tour             18.000 ISK             Details

During Summer 2019 we are offering rides at any time of the day. Just contact us and let us know the time you would like to experience the Icelandic horse! We try our best to fulfill your wishes!

We can start at 8 in the morning and the last departure might be at 8 in the evening!

Which landscapes are experienced during the rides?

Our farm is nestled between high mountains, the sea, rivers and wetlands and provides for riding a varied landscape that is ever-changing with the seasons. In Spring, the wetland meadows are rich in bird life along the rivers and the sheep are taken to their Summer pastures. The surrounding hills and mountains provide spectacular views over the fjord and they are a safe haven for the secret, hidden homes of the elves. The longer a ride lasts, the more complete and enjoyable is the experience with nature and the Icelandic horse.

The nature around Grytubakki is free and wild and, depending on the weather, trail conditions can change overnight. Therefore, for safety reasons, we decide on the exact route of the tour on a daily basis, taking into consideration different, varying factors such as the ride duration, riding experience of the participants and weather and trail conditions.

Riding all year round

The Icelandic horse can be ridden outside all year long because it is perfectly adapted to the terrain and the weather in Iceland. However, especially in the Winter and snow-melt season, there are fewer opportunities for tours than in the Summer time (depending on snow conditions). However, when conditions are right, a ride in the snow through the Winter landscape is an unforgettable experience.

During Winter we mostly offer you 1 1/2 hours ride. Price per person: 8.000 ISK.

Riding with children

We are always happy to give families the opportunity to experience the Icelandic horses. Children older than 4 are allowed to join our short tours accompanied by at least one adult. Please contact us to discuss which tour is the most suitable for your child. Children under 10 years pay half the price. Children between 11-18 years pay 1000 ISK less than the full price.


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