Short Tours

On our short tours we welcome individuals, families and all kinds of groups who want to experience the Icelandic horse in its home country. During summer time we offer one, two and three hour riding tours as well as dayrides. When snow has covered the Icelandic landscape we only saddle up for one and one and a half hour rides. Which tour you choose depends primarily on your time availability and your physical condition. We are curious which ride you will choose:


Riding Tour


1 Hour Ride 6.000 ISK
Night Ride 14.500 ISK
1.5 Hour Ride 8.000 ISK
2 Hour Ride 10.000 ISK
3 Hour Ride 14.000 ISK
Dayride 18.000 ISK


Children under 10 years pay half the price. Children between 11-18 years pay 1.000 ISK less than the full price.

The prices for our short riding tours will vary slightly in 2020. Please contact us for more information.

We do not use automatic booking forms as we want to get into personal contact with our guests. We want to talk to you, want to know who you are and what your wishes are! The ride on the amazing Icelandic horse should be a wonderful experience. If the stated times do not suit you please just contact us - we will try to find a tour and time fitting for everybody!

For your booking request, please specify the following information:

  • How many people would like to take part in the riding tour?
  • Are there any children among them and, if yes, how old are they?
  • Which riding experience do the participants have (rather detailed)?
  • Is there anything else we should know (e.g. exceptionally tall/heavy participants)?

The weight limit is 110 kg / 243 lbs for our one and two hour riding tours and 100 kg / 220 lbs for our three hour tour and our dayride.

The payment is done after the ride. We take credit cards.

If you are not able to come for your riding tour, you are delayed or want to change something - please let us know by phone.

Please note: To protect the Icelandic horse from infectious diseases, visitors are asked to adopt strict biosecurity measures. Please check out our side: Protect the Icelandic Horse