Where Horses meet the Elves

Riding Tours in Northern Iceland

Where the mountains of Fjörður Peninsula meet the Arctic Sea many legends tell about hidden homelands of the elves. This elveland with its lonely fjords, lush valleys, rushing rivers and imposing mountains is a paradise for horses and riders. The landscape around our farm Grýtubakki offers an unforgettable experience for both horse enthusiasts and for saddle-newcomer.

Pólar Hestar has been running riding tours in Northern Iceland for more than 30 years. It all began with a small herd of little more than 15 horses. Today our herd of Icelandic horses stands at about 180 head. We offer 5 different riding tours with 20 week-tours. Do you fancy riding in the North?  Have a look at our homepage - you will learn about our tours and much more!

In 2020 we are celebrating 35 years Pólar Hestar!


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